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Ormus and Plant Growth  


The growth of plants is determined in great measure by the quality of the medium it grows in.  


Soil can be however devoid of many essential minerals needed to promote the growth of plants.  


Ormus and plant growth:  


The usage of ormus for plants does not only provide them of essential minerals they need to grow, but it also interacts with whichever nutrients and mineral present on its growing medium.  

The monoatomic elements present in ormus interact with the nutrients and mineral present in the soil supporting the plant, acting together in a synergistic way.  


Ormus and plant growth are noticeable in their effect, this is due to ormus atoms being high-energy monoatomic elements that affect the plant on a cellular level, interacting with their very DNA; which controls the growth of the plant.  


Using ormus plants not only grow faster, but they are more resistant, and overall healthier. Use ormus and plant growth and quality will be significantly enhanced.  



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