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Ormus Recipe  

There are different sources and ormus recipes available depending on a number of things.  

Alchemist texts from ancient people are used in creating different ormus extracts and the process depends on the involved ingredients.  

Some of the things that will be required in the extraction included sea salt, lye, a gallon of distilled water and white distilled vinegar.  

A range of equipment will be needed such a bowls, coffee filters, ph paper, glass jar and turkey baster. 

The preparation should preferably be done on the sink following the ormus recipe. Salt should be dissolved in the water in a ratio of 4 pars of water to one part of salt.  

The water should then be strained to a second bowl using coffee filters.  

Lye should be added in drops as pH is checked to reach 10.  

After achieving the right pH water should be left to settle overnight and water drained and the precipitate washed and drained then stored for use.  

An alternative ormus recipe can be chosen from a wide range of other available info on our main site www.OrmusMinerals.com  



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