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Is Ormus Illegal?  

 Ormus is a combination of elements that are said to have a good boosting effect on the immune system and brain function. 

It can also be used in animals and plants, trees that have been treated with it are said to have produced twice the recommended produce. 

While Ormus is effective, it has not yet gone mainstream and because of that there are some individuals who will ask is Ormus illegal. 

Since the government has not yet focused on the benefits of Ormus, there are hardly any laws that will prevent people from using it. 

Ormus components, how it can be made and where it can be taken from is freely shared information over the web. 

There are no direct rules and regulations that will state the illegality of the use of Ormus.  

Since Ormus is present in most naturally occurring substances and can be created by man easily, then there are no impediments with regard to the use of this wonderful element. 



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