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Ormus Water Charging  


These chargers are intended to charge your water and impact the water structure to help your physique assimilate the water.

The Magnetite will discharge the Ormus in the water.

The point when drinking spring water that is accused of the magnetite we have thought that it was advantageous to build your calcium/magnesium consumption.

We have perceived spring or well water takes a charge the precise best. 


 Distilled or Reverse Osmosis or faucet water does not appear to be as viable.

We have found through broad testing that anyplace from 3-5 days is the best return for the opportunity to charge your water.

We have found that the best comes about are attained when the water is as near the earth as would be prudent.  


So putting the compartment on a ground floor is the best however in the event that you don't have that choice anyplace that works for you will be fine.

When you can keep them far from however much electronic supplies, radio waves or EMF's as could be expected. 


 Simply try your hardest and put them where you like them.  


When you keep your chargers in a dim region then only one day a month carries them into full sun for a day.

The sun blended with the attractive force of the earth appears to keep the magnetite in the same condition as found in nature.

Likewise we have a mixture of other earth charging components we can blend with the magnetite if craved.

A percentage of the things you can include that help in the Ormus Water Charging methodology is.  



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