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 Know All About Making Ormus Water  


Making ormus water through the magnetic trap is the most popular process being used today.  


Here, magnetic traps are used in order to spin water.  


This is done by using a magnetic field. There would be water that would rise in this spin which is then collected.  


The elements on this water tend to get collected through the magnetic fields this way.  


Waste water goes to the bottom of this trap and is thrown away.  


This good water is a bit oilier than the one at the bottom.  


Also, it is a bit sweeter as well as pleasant tasting. Hence you can see that the process for making ormus water is fairly simple.

So all that have to do for making ormus water is to have a mechanism that would be using a magnetic field and spinning water over it.  


You can introduce a vortex inside a closed container that has a magnetic field. Just pick out any trap design that you want.  



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