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Ormus Precipitate  

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMUS), was discovered by a cotton farmer David Hudson, in 1975.  

The original discovery of precipitate was chemically made up of highly valued metals such as platinum, gold and others, in an exotic combination that did not form any crystals or bonding, but remained in a state of single atoms. 

This invention of ormus precipitate substances, was assumed to exhibit numerous miraculous characteristics, such as superconductivity and healing capabilities. 

Modern day ormus precipitate recipes are extracted from sea water or Dead Sea salts, combined in ratios, with vinegar, lye, or phosphoric acid, and simmered. Other alchemy combinations have been known to use volcanic dust. 

The mixture is supposedly thought to cure certain life-threatening ailments such as Aids and cancer, correct DNA errors, enhance psychic abilities, health, longevity, and discharge radiation rays. 

It is assumed that ormus precipitate enhances the essence of life in all organisms.  

Its efficacious elements on plant and animal life health have exhibited phenomenal results.  



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