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Magnets Activate Ormus  


For people who are not sure about the properties of the superconductor, magnets activate ormus.  


This means that magnetic traps can be made to collect the subtle energies contained within this wonderful element.  


This fact has been known ever since the revolutionary discovery of the element by David Hudson himself.

More and more experts, who have been applying the knowledge that magnets activate ormus, have devised ways to make a concentrate that contains the minerals. 


 After making this concentrate, the resulting, naturally nutritious liquid can be taken, whereby one gets instant rejuvenating energy from it.  


The ensuing healing properties bear testimony to the health benefits that can be achieved by applying simple, physical properties.

In addition, there are great products that have been developed to extract the M- state mineral for general use; using the principle that magnets activate ormus.  


These are very helpful in the turning around lives, for a more fulfilling, healthier lifestyle.  



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