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Ormus Magnesium Oil  


Ormus Magnesium Oil is made of Ormus and Pure Magnesium chloride. It is used to treat and improves human health. The following are various uses of the oil: 

1. Hair nourishment 

The oil is used to restore the black normal color of human hair. It is applied for a few weeks every evening and with time it improves hair texture and stimulates growth.  

2. Pain reliever 

When Ormus Magnesium oil is massaged in arthritic joints and into fibromyalgia pain, pain disappears instantly. It can also be applied in swollen joint; it causes instant relief. 

3. Improves health 

Those who suffer from common diseases like Depression, High blood pressure, Asthma and headaches can use Ormus magnesium supplement to treat themselves. 

4. Stress reliever 

The same oil is put in bathing water or sprayed after bathing to relieve stress.  

5. Skin nourished 

This oil is sprayed on sun burns, wrinkled skin and scars. It is also rubbed onto aging spots and skin tags. It helps the normal skin tissue to reform. Magnesium oil prevents inflammation, Acne, Eczema and speeds wound healing. 

 DOSAGE · Apply 3-5 sprays and rub on the skin ·

The body shall have extracted the available magnesium oil in 15 to 20 minutes ·

Any other reccomendations by a Nauropath can be used as this is a natural mineral. 



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