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How to Make Salt Ormus  


Equipment Required
• Two stainless steel bowls.
• Strainer for holding coffee filters.
• Squirt or dropper bottle.
• 50cc syringe.
• Glass Jar.
• pH paper.
• Pyrex measuring cup.

Required Ingredients
• Coarse sea salt.
• Lye.
• White distilled vinegar.
• Distilled water (1 gallon).

Pour 1 cup of distilled water in Pyrex measuring cup which sits in the sink. Add 2 tablespoons of lye powder. Place the dropper/squirt bottle in a sink and pour the lye-solution into it. In case the water is still hot, leave the lid placed loosely over the top and tighten it later when it has cooled down.

• Dissolve one cup of salt in 4 cups of water.
• Strain the salt water into another bowl using coffee filters.
• Start adding small squirts of lye water to the salt-water while stirring constantly.
• Use the pH paper to check the pH. It should be around 10.78 and if it gets to 11, bring it down by adding some vinegar. Check to ensure that the pH is distributed evenly.
• Pour water in a jar and allow it to settle for at least four hours.
• Drain-off the clear water and re-fill the bottle with distilled water. Shake it and allow it to settle again. Do this for at least three times. After the last time, place the white/grey powder and water into a glass jar covered with a lid. Don’t store it near magnetic or electric fields.

For the reason that Ormus is affected strongly by energy fields and intent, its potency seems to increase when it’s surrounded with high-energy objects.  



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