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Ormus Trap  


The ormus materials can be dissolved into the water and they form superconductors which can respond to the magnetic fields present in it.  


There a number of ways for the purpose of ormus trap to get a good water from it. 

The storage trap is the one where the good water is repelled to the bottom of the trap which is present in it. It is very easy to design but a bit expensive to operate it as it works only in the basis of batches. 

Another ormus trap is the vortex trap where the good water is being repelled into the center of the vortex in the horizontal operation. 


 It can also be useful in case to separate oil from the good water. 

The static trap was the third type of ormus trap which was designed to move away the good water horizontally in a pressurized dead space but it is little difficult to build and install it. 

The winter sink tank was designed so that it can be used inside the house during the winter time. Here the good water is collected out of the center.  



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