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 Making Ormus  

Over the past years the sale of ormus has increased because of the positive feedbacks the product gets from domestic and international clients.  

People are investing in this product because of its healing products in the body and mind of consumers.  

This natural product has helped people cope with their personal weaknesses in terms of medical and mental issues. It is derived from salty sea water especially from the Dead Sea in Israel.  

The salt composition in the sea is approximately 30% which is 11 times higher than the normal sea water. This high salt content ensures that deriving the minerals is easy, fast and convenient for medical researchers and scientists. 

However, people on tight budgets can easily make ormus for themselves. This simple home-made ormus helps people enjoy the best natural resources without incurring major expenses.  

Users enjoy better health and attain more body energy. The minerals have helped solve various body complications such as skin infections and allergies like rashes, scabies and many others. 



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