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Ormus Probiotics.  

Ormus probiotics refers to a liquid blend of efficient and beneficial microorganisms that entails enhanced phototrophic levels.  

It is important to note that these microorganisms when introduced in the system of any living thing, helps in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally to achieve a microbial balance that is healthy. 

 Generally, the purple photosynthetic microbe which are found in the ormus probiotics at enhanced levels have strong anti-oxidative, anti-entropic and detoxifying properties, which helps in reducing the levels of certain toxic gases, toxins and brings about various beneficial and effective microorganisms in a polluted or unbalanced surrounding. 

 It is worth noting that the effective and beneficial microorganisms like those from the phototrophic group can use both organic and inorganic materials as donors of hydrogen and have the ability to grow in dark or light conditions with requirement of different growth factors by the microbes. 

 Ormus probiotics have the Rhodopseudomonas palustris which converts carbon molecules into cell material and nitrogen gas into ammonia hence can produce the hydrogen gas. 

www.OrmusProbiotics.com has much more details on this. 



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