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Know all About Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt and Ormus  


The Himalayan salt is found in the valleys and rivers lying in the Himalayan range. It has amazing benefits that include softening the skin and relieving the body of aches and pains.  


The best part about Himalayan pink salt and ormus is that it contains 84 minerals as well as nutrients that are coming directly to you from the Himalayan Mountains.

Being completely natural, the Himalayan pink salt and ormus does not have to be metabolized in the body. It is available directly to the cells in the body in its ionized form.

Basically Himalayan pink salt and ormus contain a lot of minerals that are not available in any other form of salt.  

It tastes good and is able to add to your health.  


It does not break down in any kind of weather and looks good too. Hence it is preferred over table salt that has been processed and all minerals removed 


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