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How to Make Ormus Boiling Gold Method?  


Making ormus metal is one of the newest expansions of research department which goes through a tremendous growth in the recent years.  


It has been found that the ormus can cure many diseases which are incurable by any other medicines. There have been so many methods introduced to prepare this magical element, among which the most common method is boiling gold ormus.

Steps Involved in Preparing Boiling Gold Ormus:

1) First of all, add gold dust to the lye solution and boil it well.

2) If you find any solids inside the solution then filter it out and get pure solution.

3) To maintain PH level at 8.3-8.5, distilled white vinegar must be added to the solution.

4) Allow the resultant solution for precipitation, then separate the precipitate from liquid.

5) Finally clean the precipitate to get a pure m-state gold which actually referred as boiling gold ormus.

Though it includes a relatively higher cost, preparing Ormus in this method has been proven effective than any other methods available today.  



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