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Making Ormus  


Equipment needed for making Ormus: 

Coffee filters 

2 bowls (stainless steel)  

A strainer 

A squirt bottle with good lid 

A glass jar 

Ingredients needed for making Ormus: 

Coarse sea salt 


Distilled water (1 gallon) 

White distilled vinegar 


1. First, prepare a lye solution. This is done using the following steps: 

a) Pour one cup of distilled water in a bowl. 

b) Add 2 tablespoons of lye power and star till it dissolves 

c) Pour the lye solution into the squirt bottle. If the water is still hot, close the lid loosely till it cools. 

NOTE: All this should be done in a sink. Ensure the lye water don’t spill on you, it can tear skin or cloth. 

2. Dissolve one cup of the sea salt in a bowl containing 4 cups of water then strain it through filters into the other bowl using coffee filters. 

3. Add lye water to the salt water drop by drop as you star. 

4. Use the pH paper to measure the pH of the water. Ensure it remains at 10. If it goes higher use few drops of vinegar to lower the pH. 

NOTE: pH above 10 leads to drop in the m-state elements of Ormus and this is not healthy for you. 

5. Pour water in large jar and let it stay overnight. 

6. After 5-12 hours, drain off the clear water and refill the bottle with distilled water. Shake the bottle and pour the water. Do this 2-3 times at 4 hour interval then pour the slurry (mixture of water and the salt) into a glass jar with a lid and store it for use. 

NOTE: Store Ormus away from electric or magnetic fields 


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